Friday, June 13, 2008

Slice of heaven on earth

Ecological wonders abound on this “slice of heaven on earth,” like whale watching on a catamaran, viewing of sea turtle preservation efforts and snorkeling in crystal clear aquamarine waters to get closer to colorful coral reefs and underwater species. Precious ecological sanctuaries for rare birds are located in Islas Marietas and La Tovara National Park. In Nuevo Vallarta and the Banderas Bay, visitors can even swim and interact with friendly seals. For outdoor adventurers the rich natural habitat that is Sierra Madre beckons culminating in a visual hike and 2,000 feet stop above sea-level. Canopying from tree top to tree top, jungle expeditions, or horseback riding are just a few ways that clients can dare to conquer this majestic mountain chain.

North of Banderas Bay and Punta Mita are miles of seemingly endless white sand beaches, the somewhat bohemian surfing town of Sayulita and friendly fishing villages where new tourism facilities will be developed in the next decade. Driving along the thickly forested and scenic two lane highway north of Punta Mita to San Blas, visitors cannot resist stopping in colorful roadside markets to sample homemade candies, fresh juices and succulent tropical fruits.

Riviera Nayarit’s cultural history dates back thousands of years, encompassing four ethnic traditions, including pre-Columbian cultures and the Huichols. Nayarit’s excellent preservation of its culture can be seen in its native Huichol tribe who have preserved their rich culture and ancient beliefs through their art. The Huichols are renowned for the detailed bead sculptures that contain elaborate symbols borne out of their culture and shamanistic traditions. Mexcaltitan is a small island of floating mangroves that is reputed to be the birthplace of the Aztecs. Archeological sites with hundreds of petroglyphs and vestiges of ancient villages remain still waiting to become accessible to visitors.

With every visit to Riviera Nayarit, there is always something new to discover and the essence of this destination will rejuvenate and excite the most jaded of travelers.

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